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What is a window pane?  Only the window cleaning service industry standard in estimation of your window cleaning cost.
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What is Window Pane?
When we bid window cleaning jobs we have to categorize windows somehow from the many different styles, shapes, and sizes of window to get more accurate and consistent price. We do this by dividing any window into "window panes". A typical window opens in a sliding motion up and down or side to side and has two window panes (pictured below to the left) and panes are usually medium in size. While the window pictured on the right is actually made up of 12 individual small or french panes with dividers between the glass.


How do I count my Window Panes?
We recommend that you take a pen and paper and walk the exterior perimeter of your home and tally your different window panes and sizes if you are looking for the most accurate window cleaning cost right away. Our online estimate service is based primarily for your convienence and should give us an idea of the scope of work involved as well as the amount of time the job will take.

Does the size of Window Pane matter?
Yes, we ask that when you take a pen and paper and walk the exterior perimeter of your home and tally your different window panes sizes and that your also make an effort to tally the individual panes in 4 groups of sizes; small, medium, large, and extra large. We don't want you to measure each window with a measuring tape or take any extra unnecessary time in the count. However, for your reference a small window pane could be anywhere between 4"x 4" to 8"x 8", meduim window pane between 30" x 30" or 1 arms length by 1 arms length, a large window pane 2 arms lengths by 2 arms lengths or as tall as a 6' in height, and an extra large window pane can be the size of an entire wall.
When we clean clean your window panes we also wipe down your frames and ledges.

Other Cost Factors

We also calculate your window cleaning cost by accessing the overall accessability of your windows. Please let us know how many floors off the surface the windows will be. We clean your windows by hand, up close, using our own specialized ladders and tools.

Onsite Bids
If you are unable or would rather not perform your own count, please leave your address and phone number information at the bottom of the form and a representative will make arrangements with you to come by for an onsite bid within the week.

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